Product Marketing Materials

Get the word out about the Ameritas best-in-class product offerings.

PrimeStar individual dental and vision insurance plans offer a distinctive portfolio of benefit plan designs to meet just about every individual's needs. Download the following materials to support your PrimeStar sales efforts:


  • Dental Postcard
    This direct mail postcard can be customized with your contact information and unique hyperlink.*


  • Association Flyer
    Designed to help you market to association-type groups.


  • PrimeStar Button
    Link the PrimeStar button to your custom agent hyperlink for digital sales. Include on your website, in communications and digital advertising.


  • PrimeStar State Map
    ​Overview of the nationwide PrimeStar product offering. 


  • PrimeStar Custom Hyperlink Flyers
    Adding a custom hyperlink to the home screen of your mobile device.


Dental & Vision Networks
Ameritas brings you the Ameritas Dental Network and partners with many provider networks to help consumers take advantage of additional savings. To learn more about these networks, we created the following flyers.